Commercial HVAC Service

Commercial HVAC ServicThe commercial HVAC system is as the name suggests for commercial buildings such as offices and banks. It does not matter what the height of the building is, the concept of the system remains the same, but still there are some modifications. How does the commercial HVAC system work? The refrigerant is compressed by the compressor, which ultimately increases its temperature and pressure simultaneously. The hot, outside air is blown all over the refrigerant vapors to turn it to liquid by the condenser. There is an expansion valve that changes the refrigerant into a relatively lower pressure liquid which cools it. Heat is then transferred from the evaporator for the transformation of the cold liquid to a warm gas. The thing that changes in the commercial system is the use of cooling towers and the free cooling as this makes it more complicated, and very few know how to set it up. We provide you with the best HVAC Contractor for your commercial HVAC Installation services.

There are many different types of commercial heating and cooling systems, some of those solutions that are available in a large scale commercial system are:

Heat Pumps:

The heat pumps extract the heat from water or air for the purpose of heating, just like a reverse refrigerator.

Roof Top Units:

The rooftop units, unlike their names, are not only found on the roof but ground as well. They form ducts all over the building and supply the conditioned air all over and are very common in many commercial buildings in New York.


The chillers work on the principle of generation of cold water that is distributed to the air cooling coils through a pipe system.


In a commercial system, heaters are of two types, the first being the hot air furnaces that burn the fuel for the air heating. The second ones are the radiant heaters, which use infrared radiations for heating.

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